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Paul Oakenfold: What's Cookin'?

We've never met Maestro in person before. And what were the chances to do that in Moscow when there was none in London? You will be surprised!

We've never met Maestro in person before. And what were the chances to do that in Moscow when there was none in London? You will be surprised!

The meeting was scheduled, questions prepared. And he surprised us by being so much different than we thought. He's not just a musician, DJ or mega star. He's intelligent, funny and...see for yourselves!

BOOMBOOM FM: Usually the first question goes like this: do you like Russia and your gigs here? Actually, we are not going to ask you that. Let's be polite: how are you? Where from now and where to after?

PO: Ahaha, ok, nice start! Well, I'll go to St. Petersburg after Moscow. I truly like Russia, I've been coming here for many years: to dj, to watch. I've been here to see friends...

What projects are you working at now besides Electronic music awards and foundation – we will ask about the foundation itself a bit later if you don't mind.

PO: I am finishing music for movie called Sunburn which is about four kids who go on holiday to Mexico, and I am finishing my new artist records, its taken longer then I would like and it should be finished, hehe. Too long. I am very lucky, I really enjoy my job, I love sharing and playing music. I enjoy traveling around the world, meeting people, experiencing different situations, so for me it's great. I really enjoy it.

What's playing in your car or in your iPod? If you say Adele - it won't be a surprise. Or is it something else? Surprise us please!:)

PO: I don't have an iPod, and in my car now I am playing the new Jean Michele Jarre album.

Cool! We've had an interview with him several months ago! He's genius, don't you agree?

PO: He's done very interesting album – collaborations with very different artists. Such a good record! And so is the man himself. True legend.

During your career you have had lots of interviews and even more questions. But there is one question that you have never been asked. And you are the one who knows the answer. Which question remains unasked and unanswered?

PO: What question remains unasked and unanswered? That's a very gooood question. There must be such questions in the top of my head but I cant think what they are…maybe what my favorite food is. I ve been asked a lot about food but not actually what my favorite dishes. I ve been asked what I like to cook…And my favorite dish – I always enjoy it – is Frosties. It's a cereal and I usually eat it for breakfast and in night when I am watching a movie. I don't know if you have it in Russia. Try it, u'll like!

How do you spend your free time? When there's no studio or labels or tracks to release? For example now you have free time in Moscow, What are you going to do?

PO: I will go to museums, I love walking around, I think it's the best way of experiencing the city – its just being a part of it: walking, looking around and hanging out. Today I got out, I walked and tonight I will walk and go for dinner.

Do people recognize you here?

PO: Some people - yes, and saying: "I like your music!".

If not dj-ing or music producing, what would you do in your life?

PO: I am fully qualified chief so I would cook

You should feed us someday – hehe! But let's be serious, let's talk about your Electronic Music Awards and Foundation ceremony.

PO: I felt that we are not recognized as a community. We don't have our own awards. We are strong community, global community! I never realized why American Music Awards, The Grammys we are just given an award for best album, best single three o clock in the afternoon. In England we are not really recognized. And I felt that no it's the time to put a team of people together and come up with them for our own awards in our industry.

Maybe I will ask stupid question…but why did you invite Goldie to host the ceremony?

PO: I think It's important to recognize the whole genres of electronic music. Goldie represents drum 'n' bass. Goldie is a character – wonderfull musician. He's been involved in the electronic world for many years. And it's wonderfull to start with credible presenter and credible host. Some of presenters we have are Kevin Sonderson – he was one of the pioneers of techno music, M K – who was involved in house music in early days. We have got Pete Tong who is the voice on radio for electronic music. We have some new young acts like Krewella - presenters – great couple. And some more established people: Chuckie is gonna be a presenter. We have a cross section of all kinds of music under the electronic banner

You work a lot with young DJs. Is it hard to create really good and popular musician from someone who has just such wish and some talent?

PO: We have a foundation, we want to support the next generation, any young producers, remixers, singers, song writers, djs that we come across and we do. I've been working a lot with young kids in the electronic world with my dj-camp, I also go to schools..and as a label with my record company we sign young talents. And all about that. It's important for me.

There are lots of online radio stations now. And such monsters as Apple Music, Spotify streaming. Tell us your opinion: what online radio station should do to be on top ?

PO: The DJS and the programming! Get the best DJs possible, radio shows and best programming! And come up with interesting ideas for sure.

So we are on the right way! And now we have an express poll. Fancy to take it?:

Vinyl or Digital?
- Vinyl
Radio or Stage?
- Stage
Shirt or T-shirt?
- T-shirt
Meet or Fish?
- Fish
Dogs or Cats?
- Cats
Sun or rain?
- Sun
Seaside or mountains?
- Oooow, it's a good question, I think the mountains.
Blonde or brunette?
- Brunette (LOL)
van Dyk or van Buuren?
- They are my friends, there is no choice between friends

Photo: Facebook, Interview: MaySky

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